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Pam's Pantry - The Business!

We are a small, home-based business located in the Heart of Central Michigan ... Grand Ledge to be exact.

We have a line of Gourmet Dips, Dressings, Spreads, Cheesecake Mixes, Bar-B-Q's and Picklers. We offer taste-tempting, delicious, gourmet mixes that will be a hit with everyone, doesn't matter if you are 2 or 92! Kids love us, grownups love us. Everyone loves to dip!

Each dip mix packet is hand measured and gives the perfect flavor quality with no added fillers or preservatives. We use only the freshest ingredients!

Our mixes are all very easy and inexpensive to prepare.

The best thing about our products is the ease and convenience the products offer. Great tasting foods can be prepared in a matter of minutes. We also have lots of recipes available online to make taste tempting dishes and complete meals with our products.

Pam's Pantry products are available at craft shows across the state of Michigan (and a few in bordering states, we are working to branch out!), at a few select retail locations (let us know if you have a store you would like to see our product in!) and on our Web-Site.

Pam's Pantry - From the Start

One question I am always asked is, "How did you get started doing this?" Let me back up a bit here and briefly fill everyone in on our story.

Pam's Pantry was borne out of sheer desperation. Two years into our mid-life crisis (that is what we will call it, otherwise known as Worker's Comp Lawsuit), that resulted after my husband, Kerry, was injured at work, we found ourselves faced with, hmmmm, let's say, new opportunities.

Two years of running a household on only one income, that was accustomed to two incomes and the main income was gone, I can honestly say things were a bit interesting at our house.

Two choices, cave in, admit defeat, throw in the towel, or, (I don't give up easily), pull up our bootstraps and get going!

With a natural love of the kitchen and a love of experimenting and serving up my experiments, dip mixes seemed the natural thing to try to venture into.

As my sister and I talked about getting started, we received word about a craft show that very weekend. With the help of family members, we stayed up half the night, threw together four mixes, packaged them up, grabbed up some candle arrangements we had done and headed off to our first craft show.

We were scared silly!

Didn't have a clue what we were doing. Good God, what was I thinking!

In any case, our fears were put to rest, we made our first sale, and then another and before we knew it there was a line at our booth and people were three and four deep. Woo Hoo! It was great, almost sold out, we were off and running. Needed a nap!

Orders started coming in via email, people loved the product! We booked into every show we could find up until Christmas. It was a dream come true!

We were meeting lots of new friends, doing something that we loved and paying the bills! We expanded the following year adding about 10 new dips and prepared to hit the craft show circuit. Still in need of that nap!

Today, with the help of many family members, friends and satisfied customers, I have a growing, thriving business.

Kerry is still struggling to regain complete use of his shoulder and continues to hope to return to work. Not sure what we will be faced with down the road, there are still some obstacles, but we will deal with them as best we can. We did win our case and do have some normalcy back in our lives, amidst my new chaos.

We are blessed to have the family and friends that we have and are doubly blessed for the new business friends and acquaintances Pam's Pantry has brought to us.

You may find any one of our family members or friends helping at the booth. From me, or our son Khory, (who currently serves in the US Army National Guard and is now Army Specialist Redman! - excuse us, we are a bit proud of him), to my sister Leanne; brother and sister-in-law, Russ and Kara; Aunt Linda and cousins Trisha and Nikki who cover the northern part of the state; moms and dads, Tom & Sandy, and Frank & Gudrun (all retired and can do weekday shows, woo hoo!), or one of our many friends helping out: April, Darcy, Sue, Britt,Sally & Jenny.

If you see anyone of us, please stop in and say Hello!

We strive to provide quality products that taste great! We hope you will give us a try. We guarantee our products 100%.

If you miss us at the show, drop us a note and let us know how we are doing. You, our customers, are our best critics and are the ones who keep us going.

The Pam's Pantry Clan