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Earn 50% of Sales for Host Organization


Does your group or organization need to raise money for something special?

Pam’s Pantry can help!

When you choose to sell products that people are really hungry for, (no pun intended), you will find out how easy it can be to realize big profits on your next fundraiser!

A Little Bit About How It Works
We are truly honored to have been given the opportunity to help with many successful fundraising campaigns for schools, churches, day cares, bands, sports teams and many other various organizations such as Race for the Cure Events, Boy Scouts and individual fundraising needs such as Cancer Patients needing help with medical bills and support to kids raising funds for sports, dance, cheer, etc. No group is too large or too small. We work on an individual basis with each group to design and implement a program based on each groups needs.

We want you to be successful and we make every effort to insure that you are. Below are a few of the details, depending on your specific needs, of what you may expect when you choose Pam’s Pantry for your next Fundraising Campaign.


All packs sell for $4.00 each. Return to fundraiser host organization is $2.00 per pack. Profits = 50% of Sales!


Depending on the needs of the organization, you may choose to do one or both options:

ORDER FORMS SALES: If you choose to sell via Order Forms, you will receive the needed number of our full color, large tri-fold forms detailing all of the products available with a sales sheet section for recording sales. We have a tally sheet set up in excel that we will email to you. The spreadsheet mirrors the forms so tallying of orders is a breeze. Simply fill in the totals off of each sheet and our computerized form totals everything up for you. Order totals can be faxed, emailed, mailed or called in. Once we receive your totals, we will pull the order by flavor type and ship product. Orders are typically pulled in 1-2 days of receipt and are shipped via FedEx or Priority Mail. Depending on where you are located, delivery time will be 1-5 days. Shipping is FREE on orders over $100.

DIRECT SALES: If you have an event that provides an option for direct sales, we would be happy to provide product for your group or organization to sell. We will pull a decided upon quantity of product, invoice the product and ship it to you. You may sell the product and then pay for the product after your sale. You may also have the option to continue to sell product at future events or return it for a credit.

Depending on your needs, you may choose one, or both of the above options. We have had groups fundraise utilizing both options, with some orders taken on order forms and also offer direct sales at events. We will work with you to build the best fundraising program that we can to fit your specific needs. Packs will be provided for sampling at sales events.


There is no limit on the length of time that you set for your fundraiser sales, although most average 2-3 weeks. There are many options available. We have worked with some individuals to have sales ongoing over a period of several months with several deliveries set over the course of the selling period. A good example is a fundraiser we did for a group of 5th graders trying to raise funds for each student to go to Florida. We opened sales before Halloween and accepted orders throughout the school year with delivery dates set prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas with other periodic deliveries after the holidays. This worked well allowing people to receive their product to serve for holiday get togethers and to plan for future needs over the course of the year. Once many tried the products, they came back for a second purchase!


If you choose to plan an Information Night and invite people in to preview the products that will be sold, or if you are doing direct sales at an event, we will provide up to 5 sample packs so that you may offer samples or just show what the products look like. This works well for larger groups. For example, a school group where there are 100+ participating in the sale. This is nice for parents to be able to come in and see and taste the products their children will be selling. This provides a level of comfort to those who have not had the opportunity to sample the mixes to know they will be providing quality products to family and friends. It also allows them to make suggestions based on their favorites!


If you have chosen the Order Form Sale Method, you will need to tally the orders and provide us with totals. We will pull the order, usually within 1-2 business days and ship the order to you. We will include an invoice so that you may send a check for the sale.

If you have chosen direct sales, you will already have your product and an invoice for the product that you recieived.

Shipping and payment options can be discussed further when the Fundraiser is set up.


All items will be boxed/bagged separately by flavor and delivered or shipped to a specified location for distribution. There are special conditions to meet for free shipping/delivery depending on campaign totals. Finalized delivery time(s) and delivery/shipping options will be discussed prior to the setup of the campaign.

If, there are any problems with products (hole in bag, wrong product, etc.) we will replace the item or provide the correct item at no additional cost. Shipping of these items will also be free of charge. We guarantee our products 100%!


We are very excited to share our products with you and help with your fundraising needs. If you would like more information on fundraising with Pam’s Pantry, please contact us at 517-719-1308 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you. If you choose to send us an email, please include the following information about your group.

First Name
Last Name
Group or Organization Name
Fundraising Goal


“I have used Pam’s Pantry for fundraising for both the youth group at my church and also for our 4-H club.  The whole process from start to finish is so easy.  The dip mixes practically sell themselves.  They are delicious and inexpensive so it makes selling multiple items to one person very easy.  The customers buy because it is a good product at a good price.  We are not trying to sell them something they will never use at an outrageous price just because it is a fundraiser.  We have people ask when we will be selling them again making it easy to do more than one a year.  We hold a couple each year just to restock everyone’s personal pantry!  The orders have always arrived complete.  I think one time there was a missing item and I just emailed them and they sent it right out.  They have been a delight to work with and the fundraisers are very successful.  I highly recommend Pam’s Pantry for your next fundraiser!”

Kim Smallman, Zion United Methodist Youth Country Achievers 4-H Club, Metamora, Ohio


“Pam’s Pantry is one of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers that we have ever done!  Our students and staff LOVED sampling the dips that Pam provided free of charge. Thanks to the samples, our students were familiar with the dips and could recommend their favorites.  The mixes were very easy to sell!  We received them in the mail within days of placing our order. The products are small and lightweight, which made it VERY easy to sort and distribute them to the students.  We were so pleased with our Pam’s Pantry fall fundraiser that we have decided to do a second in the spring.”

Jane Bielas, St. Ignatius School PTG, Rogers City, MI


“Pam’s Pantry has been an awesome fundraiser that is loved by many here at our school.  It is always a pleasure doing business with you and everything runs so nice.  I also love the fact that you are a MICHIGAN based fundraiser so we are helping local businesses at the same time.  I, Holly Kirshman on the behalf of the PTO here at MMSA say thank you for your partnership and look forward to doing business with you again soon!”

 Holly Kirshman, PTO President, Michigan Math and Science Academy


“Eaton Middle School has utilized Pam’s Pantry as a fundraiser for our 8th grade Washington DC trip costs for 3 years.  In our experience it is one of the easiest fundraisers to conduct.  The mixes are high quality and very tasty. Pam ships the fliers and products very quickly.  We completed the entire process in about 3 weeks.  We will be recommending Pam’s Pantry fundraiser to upcoming classes.”

Marilyn Wilson, Eaton Middle School

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