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 All of the testimonials printed below were sent to us unsolicited. These are simply notes that we have received from satisfied customers that have come to us via e-mail write-ins, on-line internet orders, mail orders and from customers signing up for our mailing list and contests.

This is why we are everyone’s favorite Mix Makers!!


Source / Referred by:: been a customer for years/craft shows
Comment:: LOVE YOUR DIPS!! Laurie S.

The only bad thing about buying your Kickin Salsa was that I only bought one!!!! I made it this morning and used tomatoes, tomatillos and cilantro. MMMMM good and it hasn”t been refrigerated for several hours. I was hoping to see you at the Oz Fest in Chesterton, but I do not see it on your schedule!! Thank you for an easy delicious mix!
Jan V., IN

We love the sweet and sassy salsa…our customers at our restaurant loved the three different dips we served as appetizers. We are selling the restaurant but need some dips for personal use…
Carolyn J. Saginaw, MI

Discovered you 2 years ago at the Vermontville Syrup Festival.
I have fallen in love with all your products. They are fabulous and
affordable. THANK YOU!!!
Angie M, Hastings, MI

Tried samples and bought several different ones. We used the Gudrun’s great glaze with venison this weekend and everyone really liked it.
Anne S. Oxford, MI

My mother-in-law was at the craft fair this past weekend with her two sisters. They loved the products they purchased and could not wait to get more.
Jackie F. Franklin, WI

I love your dips and was very disappointed that you did not have a booth at the Fulton Co. Fair this year. I will be placing an order soon since I am running out of dip mixes!
Wendy B. Archbold, OH

your dips and fruit dips are sooooooooo good!! My friend and I stopped in Mackinaw City in June on way home from St. Ignace and a craft show was being held so we browsed through…stopped at your stand and did some taste testing and bought quite a few!! So, I am going to send for some more to have for the holidays coming up…
Mary Ann B. Grand Rapids, MI

Every dip I tasted at the show was great. It was hard to decide what ones to buy.
Sandy T. Columbus, MI

Everyone that has had the Cheesy Garlic fell in love with the taste, I will be placing an order for more.
Patty S. Swanton, OH

Love the Dips!!!!!
Alanna C. Owosso, MI

We love your dips!! Missed you this year at the Covered Bridge Festival! Hope we just didn’t miss your booth. Glad you have a website! Thanks!
April E. Avon, IN

Love the Bac’N and Onion
Lyah F. East Lansing, MI

Love Love Love your Dips.
Elaine V. Coloma, MI

Loved your products! Yummy and great quality!
Melissa O. Montpelier, OH

Tasted you dip at Lourdes College Craft Show. They taste very good. Keep up the good work.!!!
Sally G. Oregon, OH

Love your salsa dips!!
Rhonda D. Oakland, MI

THANKS RS, Stevensville, MI

I purchased some of your dips and now I am addicted! LOL.
Destalee D. Shelby Township, MI

Love your stuff…….keep up the good work.
Brenda F. Pontiac, MI

Your dips are very reasonable compared to other dip business and they are very good. You have a lot more to pick from.
Judy R. Flint, MI

I don’t know if you will remember me, but I was the crazy lady at Bob Evan’s that was telling everyone around me about your product. I love everything!! I am all out of my dips and the Gudrun Glaze.
Deb S. Wheelersburg, OH

My husband went for his first skydive in Hastings (he loved it, I was scared to death!) and on our way home we were detoured by some road construction (in Michigan?!?) the new route brought us to an Auto Show in downtown Hastings….lucky us ! ! ! We saw lots of really cool cars, but the only thing we bought were 5 packages of your dip mix. The only thing we argued about were which ones to buy!! My husband is a Flight Attendant with NorthWest Airlines and we try to save money by packing his lunches/dinners – now some of your dips will accompany him on his trips…thank-you for making my cooking preparations a little easier! From a grateful wife and satisfied customer,
Christine A, August 2008

I received a message from you after returning from a trip today. Yes, I received the packets of cheese spread. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast I received them. Thanks for your promptness to my order. I received a packet of the cheese spread from a friend whom I believed bought it at a craft show, or something like that. I made it about a month ago and took it to a Bible Study and everyone loved it – especially the men. So, I decided to order the 10 and give them away to these couples and a couple other friends. They have since made it themselves and love it. I’m sure I will order more. By the way, the packaging was great and the delivery time was much faster than I expected.

I purchased some of your mixes at the Ingham County Fair. I usually don’t care for Spinach Dips; many of the store bought ones are kind of bland and stringy. My husband convinced me to try your Spinach Surprise and I couldn’t put it down! I WILL be ordering more, and more, and more.
Christine B.
February 2007

I AM IN LOVE!!!!! I just can’t get enough of the Sweet n’ Sassy Salsa. I first had it on Father’s day last year and since then, I have to have it regularly! My husband has his salsa and I have this!!!
Jan 2007

“I just wanted to let you know that I just recently purchased several packs of dips from your stand at Shipshewana. I have already made three out of the five I bought and my family and friends have devoured them. My 2 year old loves the Cheesy Garlic one with her pretzels and we all loved the Razzle Dazzle dip with strawberries. I will definitely be ordering some more soon. Thanks for your great inventions!!”
Fort Wayne, IN

Made the Sweet and Sassy Salsa for our staff treat day….it was devoured!!!! Everyone wanted the recipe…even our male custodian! Looked to see where you will be at in November and December and wondered if you would be in the area, otherwise I will probably take orders from the staff and order it online. Luckily I licked the spoon after I made it as the bowl was empty before I had gotten the chance to get down to the lounge! Thanks for a great product. Thanks again!
Denise M.

Good evening, late this spring we purchased some packets of dips from you at one of the craft shows here in West Michigan…….We are wondering if you are going to be at any more shows in this area during the summer or fall months…….We are out of the “Right On Ranch” packets and my wife notified me under no uncertain terms that we need to get some more or see if it is available to order………We live in Zeeland, Michigan, which is about 15-20 min. west of Grand Rapids…..I think it is keeping her awake nights……And to think that my incredible good looks and irresistible charm have taken second place to your Ranch Mix….. what is the world coming to?……….Well, enough of my woes and sorrows….. If you can let me know if you are going to be in the area anytime soon, or if we can order from you, please let us know…..
Thank you for your time,
Feeling un-wanted in Zeeland,

Last summer I bought a package of your Sassy Sausage seasoning to mix with burger at the Pentwater Art Fair. I absolutely loved it! I wanted to purchase more from you. Low and behold I found the label with your e-mail address in my recipe (junk drawer) after cleaning it out. Please e-mail me back to let me know if it is possible for me to buy more and maybe info on any other goodies you might have.

I LOVED the “Hammy Onion” mix I believe I bought from you at Uncle John’s Cider Mill a couple of months ago.

I saw you at an Antique Festival and bought several packets of mix from you. I would like to give them to my staff for part of their Christmas present this year. Thanks!

In Oct. I went to Shipshewanna, IN for a ladies retreat and purchased some of your delicious Spinach Surprise at the craft show. I would like to purchase some more… Thank you.

Dear Pam (Pam’s Pantry),
Let me just say that I bought your Right on Ranch seasoning packet from the Houghton Lake Craft Show last summer and I love it!