Kerry’s Kreamy Kucumber Pasta Salad

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  • jaimemicielli

    I did not like this at all. it was very dry. no flavor. i ended up having to throw it all away. such a waste

    • Jaime, sorry you didn’t like this. I was curious, couple of questions because I thought I would double check the recipe and made it this past weekend, but I actually had extra dressing and added some extra tomato and cucumber…

      When you cooked your pasta, did you actually measure 3 cups using a measuring cup. 3 cups dry pasta is less than a full 16 oz box, if you went by box weight and used 24 oz, thinking that would be 3 cups of noodles, it is about double the noodles that should have been used.

      Second thought…did you let your noodles cool completely before adding them to the dressing? I usually let mine set 10-15 mins, and/or, rinse them in cold water til they are completely chilled. If you add the dressing mix to the noodles when they are warm, they will absorb the mixture and it might become very dry.

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