Hog Heaven

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We’ve combined the robust flavor of sizzlin’ bacon with onion, garlic and zesty tomato!

We guarantee you’ll be in Hog Heaven with this one. Just one bite and you’ll know why this is our all-time number one bestseller! Great on anything you can find to put it on. Pack mixes with 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream. Makes 2 cups.

1 review for Hog Heaven

  1. chris.waugaman

    Amazing! we were there on the trick or treat event and my wife got a free treat, we were told this is one of their best sellers. we see why! made this the night before and it was great, the next day it was even better! it was for a football party but no one else was able to get much as were didnt leave the dish alone! we will be back for more!

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